Ten things I learned this week:

  1. When I say I want a short haircut, I probably mean I want a short haircut. Not a shortish haircut, which is what I got.
  2. Although I felt certain that I had a kid that didn’t fall asleep watching TV, if the week has been long and so has the show, the kid might just drop off during the closing credits.
  3. 44lbs is probably my limit for carrying as dead weight up a flight of stairs.
  4. When making buttercream icing, use less sugar.
  5. Finding one-piece, cotton,  summer-weight (i.e. not fleece) zip up, footless pajamas in a size greater than 4T is next to impossible — even on the almighty internet. (Unless you are willing to get one that has a butt-flap with a punny saying on it like “Tail End” or, alternatively, a classic solid red with a butt-flap.
  6. Using the search term “union suit” might get you, finally, what you’re looking for.
  7. However, using the search term “union suit” might also get you this. And this.
  8. Baking a cake, walking my kid to school, doing the dishes, and coordinating homeroom mom responsibilities will indeed make me feel a little like Donna Reed.
  9. Picking out tile for the new bathroom is truly my idea of a good time.
  10. I prefer my ginger ale slightly frozen.



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