Here are some questions to which the answer is no:

  1. Am I at all prepared to go on vacation?
  2. Have I done any further research on Ellis Island stuff?
  3. Have I had a minute to call my mother in, like, a month?
  4. Is my phone working properly and efficiently?
  5. Do I want to be awake right now?
  6. Is The Who easy to be with from 5-7pm?
  7. Was I able to clean up all my painting supplies without spilling the cup of dirty brush-water?
  8. Am I well again after nearly a month of illness?

And here are some questions to which the answer is yes:

  1. Am I looking forward to evening out my ridiculous camp-tan?
  2. Am I delighted by the return of Project Runway?
  3. Am I irrationally excited about visiting the new Legoland Discovery Center?
  4. Am I cooking an entire main dish right now at 11:15pm?

Finally, a few bullets for your reading pleasure:

  • Tomorrow is tie-dye day at camp. I need to not only remember to send The Who’s plain white tee in, but I also need to remember to wear stainable clothing and to say goodbye to my clean hands for at least a week.
  • I have been averaging 40.4 mpg on my to-and-from camp commute. I want to average higher, but I have neither the mental acuity nor energy to manage my acceleration and coasting ratios. Hopefully in September.
  • I have been trying contacts these past couple of weeks with mixed results. Sometimes comfortable, sometimes sticky and weird. Never any close-up clarity. Cute sunglasses, though.
  • I have been rocking a visor all summer. I kind of enjoy it.

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