Camp Redux.

Camp, I have to say, beyond the first few terrible weeks, has been going pretty well. My art projects have been pretty fun and the kids, though antsy and stinky (4th-7th graders in 95º heat?) are all pretty engaged. To my complete surprise, they have all been really into the “Zentangle” project, during which I enforced a “low voices only” policy and played an Enya station on Pandora. It was downright peaceful in that room damn near the whole day.

The Who, for his part, is loving it as much if not more than last year. I signed him up for some extra swim lessons this month and despite having to change in and out of wet clothes on his own twice during the day, he is psyched. “I even did two sinkies today!” he reported on our way home. (From what I can gather, sinkies are like rings that you have to fetch at the bottom of the pool.) He’s working hard and diligently working on getting his entire head wet (problem solved by him: “I can jump in from 4 feet because I am only 3 feet and a some inches tall!”) and floating on his belly. He’s motivated by the promise of a “hundred dollar” Lego set if he gets his entire head wet (his biggest fear at the start of the summer) 35 days out of the 39 we are at camp. He is well on his way. I should start saving.

Every day yields a thousand new pieces of art coming home in his backpack — not counting the ones he creates in the car on the way to and from camp or the ones he makes in my art room for me or for other people. I wish I took a photo of the Muppet picture he drew, complete with “Crmit” “Pigy” “Anamul” and “Gonszo”. I need to start Artkiving again. I can’t possibly keep up with everything he brings home. Not to mention the science projects and other random oddities. The other day I found a bag of grayish slime, which I finally figured out was a sample of the oobleck he had made.

A self portrait. Labeled. He's been representing the "f" sound with "ph" lately.

A self portrait. Labeled. He’s been representing the “f” sound with “ph” lately.

Yesterday was “Crazy Hair Day” in which he wore four ponytails, each one wrapped with a coiled glitter pipe cleaner. (They’re called “chenille craft sticks” now — ostensibly because they’re used more for crafting than for cleaning pipes. Whatever. They’re totally pipe cleaners.)

Thumbs up for ridiculous hair!

Thumbs up for ridiculous hair!

Then, today was “Pre-K Day” — a morning event to which parents are invited. I forgot all about it last year, but this year the timing was right for me to slip out and visit for a while. This is arguably one of the best parts of this job: getting to see him for little snippets during the day. A kiss or a high-five, usually. Sometimes a bit of a longer visit at lunch and then sometimes — like today — a special event. It’s a definite perk.

We had just finished the parent-kid art project: a scratchboard owl. There was a lot of hooting in there.

We had just finished the parent-kid art project: a scratchboard owl. There was a lot of hooting in there.

We’ve got one more week and then a break and then one final week. It’s hard to believe this summer is nearly over. For all my complaining, for all of our collective exhaustion and gnat-swatting and Keens-tans, I’m enjoying myself. And so is he. And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s 8:30, which is my new summer bedtime.

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