I am a little over this day.

Really, let’s back up. If you’ve been playing along at home, you already know that I’m sick. The coughing, despite the course of antibiotics, has amped up, so it’s probably viral, which means it’s going to be around for a while. Sleeping has been a challenge the past couple of nights and last night, to add insult to injury, The Who joined me in bed for a few hours. I finally woke enough to send him back to bed when my own coughing woke me up (and probably him, too.)

Ok. Wait. I skipped ahead again. Go back to last night — before bed. On my way home from an appointment, in the dark and in the rain, I cut a right turn too tightly and blew out the tire on my brand new car. 9:30pm. Ultimately, the solution was easy. I stayed up an extra half hour and made all the lunches for today so that when I woke up at 5am (after that horrible night’s sleep) I could call AAA so they could come and put my donut on. Which I did. And which they also did. (Stop it right now if you’re thinking of commenting on how I could have changed the tire myself. Because a: no. And b: fuck no.)

I snatched The Who from his bed (Ok, not really. But I did allow him to not only wear his pajamas to stand in the driveway watching the guy change the tire, but also to the tire store and then to camp. I got him changed in a hurry right in my art room as soon as we got there.) Luckily, I had located a tire place right on the way to work and leaving at 6:15am (with a quick stop at the scene of the crime to search for — and retrieve! — my hubcap) got us there just as they opened at 7. We even had enough time to spare to get a donut. (See what I did there? I used both spare and donut in the same sentence.) Amazingly, I made it to work in time for the 8am meeting. I even surprised myself.

Lug nut airguns are loud. This is not the first time the Monster Truck Jam headphones have come in handy.

Lug nut airguns are loud. This is not the first time the Monster Truck Jam headphones have come in handy.

On our drive home, The Who had a complaint about some pain. It seemed non-emergent, yet still worth a look sooner rather than later and since his pediatrician agreed to stay late for us, I shot him over there. In a downpour. Through power-outage-non-working-traffic-lights traffic. I love his pediatrician so much. Not only because she called us personally and then stayed at her office late for us, but also because of the respect with which she approaches his care. Talking to him and asking permission and explaining everything. (Final diagnosis, likely minor skin infection. Antibiotics if it’s not better by morning.)

We finally got home at 6:30pm after having left the house 12 hours earlier. I am a little over putting out fires and handling unexpected mini-crises. I am a lot over coughing. And I am completely over complaining about it all here. Things are about to look up; I know it. And as soon as they do, you’ll be the first to know. Swear it.

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