The Who decided to play “baby” this morning. He climbed into my bed and snuggled with me, which he often does and then he was under the covers, pressing his feet into my squishy belly. When I remarked that it was like back when he was in my uterus kicking from the inside, he ran with the concept. He tucked himself into a ball and nestled up into my side, where he imagined a baby would gestate. He shifted his shoulder blades in exactly the way he used to when he was actually in there. And then, apparently miraculously “born”, he decided he was hungry. Lifted my shirt, searched for my nipple, and lay his mouth on it. He searched my face for permission after the fact.

It was momentary. It didn’t go on longer than a second and was just a small fraction of the morning’s play. I actually have no idea whether this is appropriate or not, but my instinct told me to allow it without any judgment — so I did. I’m sure there would be some who would take issue with it. I’m sure there are some mothers who wouldn’t feel comfortable with this type of play, and truthfully, had it gone on longer, I might have been among them. But I believe that children learn through their play. And I believe that bodies are not shameful. And I believe that exploration is part of the process. Will this change at some age? Probably. But I also believe that he naturally won’t want to explore in this way at some point.

So, anyway. That happened.

2 thoughts on “That.

  1. I think it is totally normal particularly since it was momentary. If he had attempted to latch on and hang with it, I might have said “When there is no milk in there, that hurts Mama” (or some other sensation) or casually added “Yes, that is how you ate when I used to have milk in there.”

    I am not one who thinks breasts and children are inappropriate, and at least one of my children was still nursing at his age (i can’t remember how old he is. Maybe not.) Gasp.

    I think you did well. You are raising a well adjusted healthy son with compassion and empathy. Go you.

    ps.. i am just impressed he associated breasts with babies. That alone makes me teary-happy.

  2. Something similar happened here, and I too didn’t make a big deal out of it even though it made me slightly uncomfortable and my son knew it was slightly outside the bounds. That was the older boy. But lately my 3.5-yr-old is asking to nurse again!! Not to play baby. To actually nurse. Oy.

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