Bullets Over Boston

  • It did not snow while we were in Boston. And it even went one better; it was downright sultry. (I mean, for Boston in February. I think we hit 59 degrees!)
  • All of our flights were remarkably on schedule. There were zero hiccups at the airport — except for that one time where they swabbed my palms and shoes and The Who didn’t even seem to give a shit.
  • We didn’t get to see Mr. & Mrs. Mallard because it rained on the one day we had free to go into the city.
  • We did, however, get to see Roozle and her mommy! And: we got to go swimming with them in our hotel. In the hot tub (“Florida”) and the regular (“Popsicle”) pool.
  • Bacon was offered on the breakfast buffet on our last day there. The Who, in his morning finery, tore through the lobby, yelling, “Mama! They have bacon! There’s bacon!” The early morning feasters got a nice little chuckle before work.
  • I kept inviting women back to my hotel and they kept accepting.
  • My besties indulged my desires and allowed me cheese and wine and American Idol and homemade Scattergories and whoopie pies.
  • The Who saw monster trucks. He’s been counting down the days for months and is now counting down the days until the next one (which he believes will be next year. Perhaps his Uncle B should have some say in that, since I am decidedly *not* going to a Monster Truck Jam.
  • It was weird being in Boston and not seeing my parents (who weren’t in town when we were there.) But, we did get to see a guy who looked a lot like my dad at the airport, prompting The Who to say, somewhat wistfully, “Grandpa sure does love me, doesn’t he?”
  • We got to have brunch with family, including lots of Lego-playing with big cousin, L (who is nearly 21. Twenty. One.)
  • I spent the last evening of our stay kneeling over the toilet bowl. That was pleasant.
  • The Who learned a little about the Big Dig (what I could tell him, anyway, which mostly consisted of, “every time I thought I knew how to get somewhere, I found out that they had changed the road.”) He was fascinated by the concept of putting the highway underground, so we’ve now got this book waiting for us at our local library.
  • It’s good to be home. It’s always good to go there and it’s always good to be home. We are lucky.

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