A while back, we were really Jewing it up. In a flurry of autumn activity, we joined the synagogue, started going to Tot Shabbat on a regular basis and tried to attend as many “new member” events as possible. The Who’s enthusiasm for it made it easy and I was eager to get involved.

Winter hit, though. And although I’d like to blame our dwindling activity on the weather (because, Jesus. It’s been ridiculous up in here), it’s really birthday parties and play dates and other sundry activities that have crept in to take the place of all the davening. I mean, to be fair, it is “birthday party season” in The Who’s classroom — this concentrated several weeks from early December through March where this tight little group of kids all celebrate every other weekend, it seems. And Tot Shabbat is not all the time; it’s seemingly random Saturdays, occasionally cancelled by snow (at least this year.) So, I knew we’d come back around eventually.

Finally, today, The Who donned his new kippah and we hung out for a couple of hours in his Pre-K classroom (his preschool is in the synagogue and Tot Shabbat is held in his classroom) with some familiar faces, singing familiar songs to familiar tunes and it felt really good. I hadn’t realized just how much I enjoyed being a part of a synagogue. And having never really belonged to one as a kid, this is a pretty new experience for me.

I’m not 100% sold on this synagogue specifically, truth be told. It’s not the exact right fit for our family, but it hits a lot of the buttons: close to home, affordable, friendly, welcoming, and home to many of our friends. So, here we are.

Shabbat Shalom, y'all.

Shabbat Shalom, y’all.


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