I miss him a little. I’m not gonna lie. And isn’t that a kick in the ass? Spend every waking minute waiting, waiting, waiting for the first day of school drop-off and then miss the little fucker? I do, though.

But I also missed this — listen:





It’s amazing how accustomed I had become to time alone at regular intervals. I’m not going to say I took it for granted because I always knew how lucky I was to be able to go to a movie in the middle of the day or get periodic manicures at noon or even do grocery shopping alone. But I don’t think I fully realized how crucial regular quiet awake time was. Being alert, rested, sharp, AND alone? There should be no limit to the things I can accomplish.

I’m at Panera now because it’s what I do. I have many lists to make. Many things I want to do, but for this moment, I am just going to finish the best breakfast sandwich ever assembled (Panera really does breakfast sandwiches better than anyone else), let the coffee take residence in my system, and enjoy the next 8 (!!) hours.

But, I do miss him. Kinda.

2 thoughts on “School.

  1. Enjoy your alone time…there isn’t a mother alive (unless they are lying) that doesn’t love that alone time, so you are not alone 🙂

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