All righty — here we go, kids. I feel like it’s been a really long time since I posted anything, mostly because my brain is fried at the end of the day. So, here’s a bullet list, which, if you’ve been following along, you know is what I do when I’m stumped.

  • Oh, Wawa. I just can’t quit you. Wawa and all fast food, really. The schedule + the commute this summer is making stopping for dinner on the way home much too appealing. I’m really not terribly interested in even eating it, but it keeps winning out over the idea of coming home and putting something together. The big idea about prepping meals on Sunday lasted about a week or two and now I’m not doing it. My son is going to turn into a small container of mac-n-cheese.
  • The garden is wild. Wild, I say. From a small patch of hopeful seedlings to an inarguable salad, she has grown. Today I harvested an eggplant, three bell peppers, and a handful of tomatoes. Despite the stress dreams I keep having about harvesting too early or having my watermelons non-consensually plucked before their time, I really am enjoying the nurturing process. A few minutes every day or every other. That’s the kind of garden labor I can get behind.
    Photo Jul 29, 6 19 01 PM
  • I got a giant vat of blueberries from BJ’s on Saturday because I had a coupon and I figured I could just freeze the leftovers (Vitamix for the win!) but, no thank you, ma’am. We are plowing our way through these delicious little gems and they’ll be gone tomorrow. I feel like blueberries are only really, really good for about three weeks in the middle of the summer and the time is now. I am tempted to make a special trip back to BJ’s for another vat for the second half of the week. That’s pushing it, right?
  • Despite my complaints about weather and early rising and commuting, as my summer job winds down, I am getting a little sad. I was sort of running it down for The Who before bed tonight: We have this week and then vacation and then one more week. Then a couple of weeks at home and then school starts. Damn. Seriously? Is summer that close to being over?
  • Also, SCHOOL! This year is The Who’s last year of Pre-K and his final year at the school/daycare where he has been since he was 13 months old. I am excited for kindergarten and for all the things he is going to learn. Excited for the new ways I get to parent during the school-age years, and just excited for change in general. But, talk about the summer flying by — that’s nothing compared to the last four years.


What I found out tonight (but really already knew) is that a playdate on a camp night is one of the stupidest ideas ever. Although much of the evening went fine, once our friends left, The Who had an epic meltdown because he wasn’t allowed to sleep with the stretchy beanbag dragon that he just couldn’t seem to keep out of his mouth. He wanted to put it away himself after m* had snatched it from him and put it away (because he hadn’t done it after being told multiple times.) Then, he wanted a do-over. Then something else and something else and by the time we were full throttle into it, he was almost vomiting, kicking his legs with the frustration of not being able to stop crying, and trying his hardest to listen to me tell the store of when my labor nurse yelled at me for screaming when I should have been focusing all my energy on pushing. (Don’t ask. It seemed like an appropriate story at the time. And, whatever. It worked.)

Camp exhaustion is unlike any other exhaustion — for the both of us. He is at the very end of his rope by the time I collect him at 3:45pm and I am not far from the end of mine. Unfortunately for us, we have an hour-long drive ahead of us at that point — plus dinner and a bath. Ideally, he’d be in bed, asleep by 5:30pm. He needs 12 hours of sleep on a regular day. He wakes up at 5:30am. The math is not difficult to do. But it’s unrealistic, given that we don’t stumble through the door until 5. The temptation to feed him us both drive-thru crap is almost too much to resist many days. The only thing stopping me from doing it more often than I do is that the route home with the drive-thru is way more trafficky.

This summer has been brutal, weather-wise, and I’d like to take this opportunity to call bullshit on the days and days and days in a row of temps in the upper 80s, delivered with a 71° dew point (described as “very humid, quite uncomfortable.”) And us with our outdoor days. (In the interest of full disclosure: Yes, a part of my day is spent indoors in air conditioning. A part. But at least two hours of every 7, and often more, is spent standing in the blazing sunlight with no shade and nowhere to take a load off.) And The Who’s day includes even more outdoor time than mine. He swims, he sits at the outdoor amphitheater for a daily meeting, he stands in a line outside to receive sunscreen, he plays soccer on the sports field, he sits for a full half hour in the morning and the afternoon while other kids are picked up and dropped off.

The fact that I thought he might be able to handle an evening playdate (even with the half hour snooze I got him to take on the drive home tonight) is laughable. I missed our friends. I was longing to spend some time with them and this was the only night. But at a shitty cost. We’re all going to bed tonight completely spent, a little sad, and a little regretful (at least I am.)

Despite my whining and my inability to keep my eyes open past 11pm, I am having a decent summer. I’d do it again next year with more accurate expectations. But I am really looking forward to August. Sweet August, which begins with a week of a beach vacation, a final celebratory week at camp, and then sleeping in. Lots and lots of lying around in pajamas in the air conditioning. And then, finally, back to the school year. The blissful, peaceful, predictable, cooler, drier school year.