This is the story of a picture.


We were playing “Daddy and Baby,” which is one of his most favorite things to play lately. Mostly, this play takes the form of him putting me to bed. I put up a mild fuss and he is compassionate, yet firm.

So, tonight, when he told me it was time for bed, I responded with my usual, “But Daddy! I don’t want to go to bed!” And he responded with his usual, “Aw, sorry Baby. I know. But I have to work and go to a meeting and it is time for bed.” I begged for two songs and he offered me just one. I counter-offered that I could sing one and he could sing one, to which he agreed, but only if we sang the same song. When he was getting ready to turn out the light (and he really went all out tonight, turning out every light in the house and carrying his turtle down from his room to the living room, where we always play this game) I fussed a little more.

“But Daddy!” I complained. “I don’t want to go to bed!”

“Baby,” he murmured, as he patted my head. “I have to go to the other side the Earth.” (We have been talking about the sun and Earth and rotating, etc. so this isn’t quite as jarring as it might seem.)

“I’ll miss you!” I exclaimed!

“Wait here,” he told me, and he turned on the dining room light, sat at his drawing table for a long time, and came back with this.



“Baby,” he began, by way of explanation. “This is the Earth and the sun and look how pequeño the Earth is. So you don’t have to miss me when I am on the other side because it’s not so far away and I will be right back. And this says “bye-bye” and here’s a happy face because you don’t have to miss me and these eyes have no tears, see?”

How can you argue with that?

“Ok, Daddy,” I said, sated. “I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Goodnight, my sweet Baby.”

“Goodnight, Daddy.”

4 thoughts on “BiBi.

  1. This is so great and thank you for sharing…gives me a look into his soul…and yours 🙂 Hey, take that picture and needlepoint it! Reminds me of the one you drew that I never finished and have regretted ever since…sorry 😦

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