I can’t imagine that hearing about my daily routine is all that interesting to anyone, but DresdenWest Philly Mama, and Cecily seem to be seeking descriptions from people, and I’m always up for a good meme.

That said, my days vary through the week, depending on whether The Who is at school or not and whether it’s a teaching day for me or not. But, each week cycles through the same series of days.

7am (if we’re lucky, and lately we have been):
The Who wakes up, comes into my bedroom, and pretty much insists that I get out of bed immediately and make him breakfast. If m* is taking the day off, she will handle this task. If not, she is generally already in the shower and getting ready to leave. She might make his morning chocolate milk (unsweetened vanilla almond milk with a squeeze of Trader Joe’s chocolate syrup, and a half-cap of Miralax, nuked for 45 seconds, and shaken (not stirred) and give it to him, but it is never long before he wants food.

Downstairs, making breakfast (and coffee.) Either scrambled eggs (with which he insists on helping) or toast with butter and cheese. Sometimes he asks if he can have “snacks” for breakfast and proceeds to pour various items into small snack bowls for himself (TJ’s cheese sandwich crackers, Ranch flavored soy crisps, Peanut Butter Bumpers cereal.) My only breakfast requirement is that it include some kind of protein. He loves the soy crisps for this reason.

Breakfast at the table. This used to be breakfast in the living room, watching a show, but we have changed that up so we only allow eating in front of the TV on weekends. (If it’s a teaching day for me, I leave him at the table eating breakfast while I shower and get dressed. I pick out his clothes and toss them down the stairs.)

If it’s not a teaching day, there is Netflix (Caillou, lately) or YouTube watching via AppleTV while I check email/Facebook/Instagram and otherwise chill. (Today, for example, I let a succession of various cake-making how-tos run on and on while I snoozed on the couch. He loves that shit. Don’t even ask.)

If it is a teaching day, I give him my phone to play games after he finishes breakfast. I get him dressed fast, pack his lunch (almost always the same: 4 Quorn nuggets, TJ’s ketchup, fruit — usually grapes, something crunchy — usually dry cereal or pretzels, a small handful of dark chocolate m&ms, bottle of water), pack up my laptop, and am out the door. I drop him at school by 8:30, drive to the city, stop at Dunkies, and teach two classes in a row. Then I end up at Panera (generally) to grade/plan/goof off/eat lunch, and pick him up by 5. 

If it’s not a teaching day for me, but is a school day for him, I am a little more relaxed about getting him up and out, but generally have him at school by 9:30 at the latest. Then it’s a crap shoot. I could spend the whole day at Panera working, if it’s a heavy grading time. If it’s not (which it isn’t just yet at this point in the term) I will have breakfast at Panera and stay there ’til about noon (reading FB, blogging, editing) and then run errands, paint t-shirts, or see a movie.

9am on a non-school day:
We go upstairs and I send The Who to his room to choose his clothes for the day while I relish a few moments of quiet on my bed. He gets himself dressed in my room (as best as he can — still not independent with socks and shirts) and I send him down to play.

I shower, check email, maybe play some BingoRush, leisurely moisturize, and dress. (That is, if he is engaged in play on his own downstairs, which he usually is. Sometimes he comes upstairs, which is ok, as long as he is just playing in my room and not including me in his play.)

Shoes on, dishes into the sink (from the table, where they have likely been since breakfast), lights off, and out to the car for whatever adventure we might be going on. Might be the zoo, might be the museum, might be a bunch of errands, might be a playground, or a walk into town. Today, it was some running around (literally) at the mall with friends and then the library. I try hard to make plans and keep us out of the house until close to dinnertime. It helps keep me sane. On Mondays, we often meet up with our playgroup in the afternoon and don’t get home until 5:30 or so. And, starting next week, we will have Spanish class on Monday afternoons during that same time.

From here on, it’s the same no matter which night it is, whether we have come home from an outing or school pick-up. I work on making dinner while The Who plays alone. Sometimes this is a struggle and sometimes it’s a little bit of an argument, but usually once we get past the part where he asks me to play and I say I have to make dinner and my answer isn’t going to change, he settles into something himself. Today, it was a very involved game that included his car rug and some fire trucks.

Dinner in the dining room. Sometimes m* is home by now and if she is, she joins us. Sometimes she isn’t. We eat when we’re ready, whether she is there or not because we jointly decided that it’s always better to feed him earlier if it’s ready than to wait for a family dinner during the witching hour, when he is (and, let’s face it — all of us are) potentially melting down.

The Who sits on the pot and reads while m* and I stare blankly into space on the couch and/or chat about our days and/or stare at our phones/ipads.

I take The Who up and give him a bath or shower (his choice) and get him (and myself) into jammies. I set out two books on his bed, and send him to go get m* for storytime. She joins us and I read two stories. We have “family hug”, m* says goodnight, turns off the light, and goes downstairs. I sing the ABCs while massaging Aquaphor into The Who’s scar and then I sing two songs of his choosing. Lately, I have also been snuggling with him for 5 minutes or so after songs. I turn on his Twilight Turtle (once he has chosen which color projection he wants), turn on his noise machine, and go downstairs.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I sit on the couch with m* and we watch a couple of the many shows we have on our DVR before she hits the sack at 9:30. If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, I have my laptop open and I tutor online from 8-10ish. If it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I usually just have my phone and periodically check email/Facebook through the night.

I sleepily meander into the kitchen to do the dishes and pack m*’s lunch for the next day.

I play a couple of rounds of BingoRush in bed, then turn on the LouisCK Pandora station on my phone, set the  sleep timer for 35 minutes, and go to sleep.

Weekend mornings are a whole different animal because m* graciously and wonderfully allows me to sleep in. Often, The Who comes up multiple times to tell me things, but I still get to lay around in bed as long as I want. I usually come downstairs by 9 or 9:30, make some eggs or pancakes, and get The Who and I out of the house for some activity by 11 or so. Sometimes m* will come with us on an outing, but generally this is her time to be home alone and we come back as dinnertime approaches.

So, what about you? I have actually loved reading these daily routines and I want to hear yours. Not even kidding.



3 thoughts on “Day.

  1. It’s addictive, isn’t it? I don’t know exactly why I like them so much. I wonder wonder wonder what my days will look like when these kids actually go to school! I think I may take some tips from you. You seem to have it all figured out 😉

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