So, Santa came to town today, but we didn’t see him. Despite the fact that he rode into town on a fire truck, sirens screaming, tossing candy canes to eager, excited children a mere few blocks from our house, we did not see him. We, in fact, made a concerted effort not to see him. And my sense is that it will be a considerable hardship to avoid Santa for the next month, but that is what The Who definitely wants us to do.

He is scared. Santa scares him. And even though he knows, logically, that Santa is just a character from a story and just a man dressed in a costume, he wants absolutely nothing to do with him. It has mostly to do with his beard, I think.

The challenge is that The Who is pretty psyched about reindeer, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights. And he is downright delighted by wreaths. So, how do we draw close to these cool things, but steer clear of the Big Man himself?

I suppose he will have some chance encounters with him even though I will do my best to avoid sightings. I guess I’ll just have to keep going to bed really early, expecting to be woken up several times by Santa nightmares.

And we were just getting over the Wicked Witch dreams. Sigh.

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