Some. And Pictures.

I’ve been trying to post every day this month. Really, I have. I even put a daily reminder on my phone. Some nights, when the alarm sounds, I smugly click it off because I have already posted! Go, me. And then other nights, when it sounds, I click it off and swear I will get to it later. I am being forgiving of myself, which isn’t typical of my all-or-none (-which-ends-up-being-often-none) attitude toward things. But it’s a busy month and I’ve got a lot going on. Between the wound (which is healing quite nicely now) and the grading (all the grading! Woe! Four classes is a lot of classes to have plus a kid!) and the Thanksgiving and the t-shirt painting…

See? Getting better.

I could have it worse. I could be in NYC or Jersey. I could have a flooded whole house (instead of just a flooded kitchen as my 20-pound turkey brine bag exploded) or worse. I know. I’ve been mostly keeping up with my days of gratitude on Facebook and I am well aware of what I have. Gracious. Thankful. All of it. So, I am giving myself a small break on the commitment to post every day.

To that end, some pictures. Because, when all else fails — pictures!

Betsy Ross House.

First up-close Christmas tree of the season. We might not get away with not getting one this year.

Lunch in front of a crackling wood fire.

Earnest coloring. Lots of this lately.

He instructed me to draw our family. He colored it in.

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