“Tzedakah, Tzedakah, we do what we can, to make the world better for our fellow man. With quarters and nickels and dimes, pennies too, we help other people who don’t have the things we do.”

This is a song that we have been singing for a couple of years now. It’s on the Shabbat CD that we got from The Who’s school, which is in heavy rotation in the car (although it has recently taken a backseat to The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.) but, while we have listened to it for a long time, we have never really discussed it or put the lyrics into action.

Recently, however, The Who’s class collected coins in a Tzedakah box and they decided where to donate it. And then, yesterday, The Who received a Tzedakah box from PJ Library, which he delightedly decorated. He decided we should save our coins and donate them to our local public library, which just so happens to be fundraising for a large expansion project.

I love that he’s starting to understand the concept of giving some of what we have to those who need it. I sort of wish we were giving our Tzedakah money to truly needy people but for this first stab at giving, I didn’t want to negotiate to change his choice.

I am eager to continue teaching this notion of giving with him. We are so, so, so lucky in our family and I don’t want that to ever be lost on him.

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