Love This.

I stayed up last night, closely watching election returns, chatting with friends near (two streets over) and far (the UK!) and, well, hoping. It was close and exciting and intermittently amusing. It was stressful and exhilarating. And exhausting.

You guys, I am not a teenager anymore. I am 38. And a half. Which is, according to The Who, “verrrry tall.” (He equates age with height. He thinks he is already 4 because he can reach things he couldn’t reach “when he was 3.”) I can’t do stuff like stay up to watch a fashionably late acceptance speech and then wake up four hours later for a full day. But, alas, I did. I crawled into bed, foggy and delighted, at 2:15am and when the alarm rang  The Who came into my room at 6:24am, I was certain that my toothbrush was still wet. (I stole that line from a Facebook friend. I didn’t brush my teeth last night before falling into bed; who are we kidding?)

As luck would have it, we had a pretty full morning, complete with yet another drive to the hospital. This time, it was for a very sane, calm, pre-scheduled appointment with a plastic surgeon, who quelled my fears about raising a Frankenbaby and gave me lots of tips about scar management. Then there was some very cold playground-playing. And then the procurement of more coffee. Because, yeah. Coffee. Our last stops were the toy store for the promised motherload of Legos and the library for the promised rental of Mary Poppins because another storm is brewing. (Seriously?)

By the time we got home at 1:30, my head had fallen off completely and I was just carrying it around with me under my arm. I needed a nap, but I was wooed by the Legos (which might be as much a toy for me as it is for The Who; I’m already mentally writing his birthday and Hanukkah list for him and each one includes Lego accouterments.) The only reason I’m not in bed now is that the bed is upstairs and I — am not.

It was painful, this day. All the driving and sleepiness and extended time with a kid who is sick to death of being at the doctor’s office. I almost didn’t make it through the DVR’d episode of Homeland tonight. It’s serious business. But I’d do it again. I’d do it again because it felt so good to be in the middle of something. It felt so good to be witnessing it live, to be celebrating with my best friends, to bear witness to history being made over and and over and over again. Lesbians in the Senate. Gay marriage in four states. Barack Obama. Are you kidding me with this? I love this day.


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