Sometimes it’s 11:08pm and all you can muster is a bullet list.

  • Stitches out today. One side popped open immediately. Spent the day at the children’s ER. Skin glue and Steri-Strips. Following up with pediatric plastic surgeon this week. This is a little more complicated than I had hoped it would be.
  • I think I might like the band Fun. The jury is still out, though.
  • Still really enjoying my overpriced fleece socks, but wondering if I should have gotten a smaller size. Can you return socks you’ve already worn?
  • I’m totally dressing up next Halloween.
  • Tiny blood pressure cuffs and tiny hospital bracelets are about the most pathetic things in the world.
  • Ok, foo. Shh. That was a lot of excitement.
  • I’d be in bed now if bed wasn’t so far away.
  • I found out that the Breaking Amish people broke Amish a wicked long time ago.
  • I don’t even care; I love that stupid-ass show

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