Yesterday, when I was blogging about the Great Fall of 2012, I meant to open with a bit about NaBloPoMo, but I told myself that I would add it in later. That I should just start with the real story, since that was the one I knew I wanted to get out. And so I meant to go back up and write this little blurb before posting, but alas. I didn’t.

(This is how it is, see. These are the games distractible writers like myself play in order to get something written. Which is precisely why NaBloPoMo is important for me to do. To just get it down. Anything. Once a day for thirty days. NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth is as good a reason as any to insert some writing discipline into my days.

Even if it means that some days, all I’m writing about is how I am going to be writing.)

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