Today felt like a long day, but I think really it’s just that last night was long. I can’t tell you the last time I went out and just had no regard for time. I got home at 2am, which feels like the middle of the night. And then I spent today in one of the country’s largest malls, which felt like the middle of hell.

I did get three pair of fleece socks out of the deal and I’ll tell you what: they are the only winter socks I will ever wear now. Nothing compares. Not even chenille ones (which are a close second; I’ll give them that.)

The mall is fast becoming one of my favorite weekend hangouts. Like when I was 12. Except now instead of huddling in the back corner of Spencer Gifts, giggling over the raunchy toys, I am building intricately roofed structures in the Lego store and praying that someone, ahem doesn’t notice the giant bulk candy kiosk living directly outside the Build-a-Bear.

It’s a different kind of Saturday afternoon, for sure.


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