I am stunned by autumn every year. (Spring, too.) It’s like a strange sort of seasonal amnesia. I forget, every single year, that hot, muggy, hazy summer days are going to fade into brilliant sunshine and crisp mornings. The sheer delight of waking up next to an open window is like some crazy, new thing every year. But that’s how it is. It’s amazing, this weather. And it’s going to get better before it gets worse, which is even more amazing. I wonder, every year, why we don’t live somewhere else so we can have this weather every day, but I guess it wouldn’t seem so dazzling if it wasn’t novel every time it came around.

Today was genius. It was nature at is best. It wasn’t ever too cold or too hot — not even for a second, which is saying a lot because I run hot. We spent the whole damn day outside and came home beat. We’ll all sleep well tonight.

We started the day at the playground with pals, picnicking. (I swear I didn’t intend that corny alliteration until it was too late and I had to follow through.) You don’t get a picture of that, though, because I only took one and it was full-face and I’m too tired to edit. What you do get, though, is our next stop: Super Sunday. This is basically a bunch of flea market vendors (plus local food vendors) set up on our street. We met up with friends there and bumped into two other friends randomly. Between today and tomorrow, The Who will have seen pretty much every friend he has.

After the playground and Super Sunday, the sun was still shining and we still had energy, so we went to the local pop-up carnival. I am not terribly trusting of these rides, but figured the carousel couldn’t be a big deal, right? Little did I know that, as soon as the ride tickets were purchased, The Who would be saying, “roller coaster, here I come!” Granted, it was the kiddie coaster, but still. It was his first time on a roller coaster, but he was eager and brave. As soon as it started, though, he put his head down and didn’t pick it back up until it was over. Despite that, he burst into a big smile when I picked him up at the end. He reported that he “loved it, but the going up parts were scary!” He is 6th from the left in this photo.

The choppers were more his speed. I assured him this ride was made “just for three-and-a-half-year-olds” and he watched one go-around before deciding that he wanted to ride. I caught him making motorcycle noises throughout the whole thing. Big hit.

What’s a carnival without a sno-cone?

His favorite ride, by far, was the Monkey Maze, which is a narrow network of doorways, arranged with mirrors to trick little children into smacking their heads into walls. It ended with a staircase and then a swirly slide down, with which he was totally enchanted. After the first two run-throughs, I let him go through the maze himself (“hands in front!”) and he did remarkably well (doing best when there was a bigger kid ahead of him to lead the way.) While I stood outside, watching him in the maze, I heard a kid (not mine) smack into the wall every minute. “There’s another one,” the carnie said. He didn’t laugh. I did. He’s a better person than I.


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