My baby boy’s all stuffed up in that allergy way that he used to be stuffed up, but isn’t usually anymore on account of all the Claritin and Nasonex we pump into him nightly. So why the nasal occlusion? (See what you can learn when you pay attention at the pediatrician’s office? Occlusion. I didn’t really know that word before.) (And see what you can do when you use the term ‘nasal occlusion’? You can gross out a handful of people who are eating tapioca pudding while watching the Olympics and reading your blog.)

Anyway. Stuffy. And apparently thinking it’s appropriate to wipe his nose on my pants when his arms and hands fail to be as absorbent as he’d like. Grody, dude. And he’s old enough to hear that now, so I told him. I said, “grody, dude.” He laughed maniacally.

This has been a good weekend and I am in a good mood. I don’t feel like I have gotten to say that very often in the past, oh, three years. But the weekend felt like vacation extension. Between our new toy and our [re]new YMCA membership, we found a really good mix of home-time and out-time and no one melted down.

Non-sequitor: Did Eric Idle get bleeped on the closing ceremonies?

I’ve been a little addicted to the Louis CK Pandora radio station lately. It’s become my habit to go upstairs a little earlier than usual, check on the child, and then climb into bed with my earbuds plugged into my phone and listen to some impossibly funny and relentlessly crass stand-up comedy before falling asleep. Maybe this is contributing to my good mood? Maybe that and bananas. The organic bananas have been really satisfying this week.

Ok, that’s all I got for you tonight. Well, all that and this one last thing:

The Who wanted to ride the trolley today, so we did. Waving at our house both times we chuffed past.

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