Last Day.

Today, our last day on vacation here at the beach, was probably my favorite of the whole week. There was nothing particularly special about it, but maybe that’s what made it the best. We made today “Who’s Choice” and his choice was to spend the entire morning at home.

Our morning at home mostly consisted of block-building.

There was also some picture-taking. The Who took my phone and started shooting — mostly photos of his own face, but there were also a few artsy shots like this one.

We all woke around 6:30 and didn’t really mobilize to go anywhere until noon. And even then, we didn’t actually get out of the house until 1:30. I was mostly unstressed about this until I looked up when high tide was and saw that it was at 1:52pm and I knew the beach we were headed to was short and virtually non-existent at high tide. And, lo, I was right. We cruised by it to see the entire world congregated on the tiny postage stamp of sand left on the beach and so we set out for another one.

We could have gone to the National Seashore beach, but they make you pay the entire season’s pass even if you’re only going for an hour and while we would have done it if we had to, neither m* nor I thought to bring a wallet, so we were flat broke. Lucky for us, we remembered that last summer, our pals stayed at a place that had beach access and they didn’t seem to care who used it or whether we parked in their lot or not, so we parked and hiked down to the water.


We had a grand time until I noticed the water bugs all over the place and got too skeeved to stay. (Some googling revealed that I think they were aquatic sowbugs, which indicate poorer water quality, so it’s a good thing I both firmly forbid ocean drinking and skin-licking and that I got out of the water after only a few minutes. I’m also glad we are all now showered and clean. Blech.)

Guess how many bites of Cheezit he got that weren’t accompanied by crunchy grains of sand.

We had an awesome, calm dinner out, complete with lemon lavender cake for dessert and now all that’s left is the morning pack-up and head-out. The Who and I will catch the ferry in the morning, spend a little time at the New England Aquarium, and then have one more sleepover at Grandma’s before hitting the road back home. It’s been a great, exhausting-in-all-the-right-ways vacation.

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