Second to Last.

I have virtually no pictures of yesterday because we spent most of it in the water. We finally found time to go to the pool and beach and we ended up spending 5 hours there. The pool is a public one at a hotel in the middle of town and it opens up to the bay, so after we had spent some time swimming, we ventured out to the water’s edge. The Who was, initially, kind of skeeved by the seaweed, but eventually took my hand and walked further in. By the end of the afternoon, he was sitting right in the water, collecting rocks and seashells for the “vacation jar” we plan to make when we get home.

We did visit the bounce house at the “Littles Gathering” in the park again in the morning, though, and it also happened to be “Magic Show Day” there, too. The Who tried over and over to get chosen to be an assistant and finally, got his chance on the last trick. The magician thought he needed someone “braver” (read: older) but I assured him (knowing that The Who really wanted to be able to participate) that he would do just fine. And, of course, he did.

“That doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Where’s my arm?”


Today is “Who’s Choice” day. It’s our last one here, so we promised him that we could do anything he wanted to do. So far, it has been to hang out at the house and play. Maybe we’ll make it to town or to the beach later. Whatever his little heart desires. And then tomorrow, it’s back on the boat to begin our journey home.



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