Day 3


Today, which was initially forecasted to be rainy, was glorious and although we didn’t make it to the beach as I’d hoped, we did get other stuff in.

On our walk into town, while m* took in a cool panel discussion, The Who buried tiny rocks into holes in the sand he had made with his fingers. Then he told me which fruits he was growing with his “seeds.” I’m thinking a box garden is definitely in order for next summer.

Leisure time at home in the morning yielded Baby’s First Pez, which was meant to be a road-trip distraction, but we never got to it and The Who somehow discovered it in a bag. He brought it to me and said, “Mama, do you not mind if I open this?” He was dazzled by the concept of it being both a toy and a candy dispenser. Will wonders never cease?

After long afternoon naps for both m* and The Who, we took an evening walk/stroller ride back to town, complete with ice cream on a bench. Also, smarty pants m* thought to bring along a flashlight and as soon as the sun set, The Who was in his glory. Kid loves himself a flashlight.

Tomorrow, despite the predicted iffy weather, some family is driving out to visit for the day. But before they arrive, we’ll bring The Who back to “kidapalooza” while m* and I have a “date hour” at a workshop.

All that and the Olympics at night. Couldn’t ask for more.

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