Day Two.

When The Who climbed into my bed with me this morning at 6am and I caught a glimpse of the clear day just beginning outside the bedroom skylight, I suggested we fast forward through our usual morning routine (chocolate milk, toast with butter, and a show) and instead get dressed right away and take a walk into town. This kind of a plan is never a hard sell on The Who; he loves walking into town, both home and on vacation (and as someone who generally opts to drive as opposed to walk, I consider this a personal coup. We walk a lot together.) So, as quietly as we could (so m* could get some much-needed rest) we slipped out the door with chocolate milk to go.

It’s the rare visitor here who gets to see this street so empty.

There’s nothing quite like a beach town early in the morning. Restaurants are washing their outside decks, people are walking their dogs, and the smell of coffee wafts out of open cafe doors. For what is normally such a crowded, energetic street, the main drag in the early morning is peaceful and serene. As we meandered toward the bay, The Who looked up at me and said, “I love walking into town when it’s so quiet.”

After playing by the water, collecting rocks, and bounce-housing, we inhaled the best egg-and-cheese sandwich I have ever had before I left The Who at the organized babysitting while I attended a “What’s so Gay about Money?” workshop. I got some great tips and took lots of notes while I could hear the sound of The Who and his comrades singing “Ring Around the Rosy” down the hall.

Arriving early for the “Littles Gathering” afforded The Who unlimited and untimed bounce turns. Delighted, he.

Target, trying to win back the gays (and doing a good job at it, I’d say) sponsored this whole week here, so there was some pretty awesome swag, including this kids’ backpack, which The Who insisted on wearing, telling me, “This is just for me, Mama. Not for grown-ups.” The shoulder strap was a little big and kept slipping off, so he held it around his waist valiantly, so proud to have his own little pack.

M* walked into town and met us for lunch (pizza and ice cream, per The Who’s request, but as it turned out, he wasn’t really hungry and barely had any pizza and skipped the ice cream entirely) and then we all walked home for the Nap What Wasn’t. I know we stopped the nap for a reason; he doesn’t really sleep. Still, we felt optimistic since he had been so tired in town. Alas.

M* carried a wilted Who for the last several blocks of our walk home. He wore a perma-grin the whole time, loving the view from up there.

Finally, to end our epic day, we packed up our gear and headed to the beach for a campfire, which was held — unfortunately — in the rain. We had an awesome umbrella/cabana, so we mostly stayed dry and The Who was largely unfazed by the weather as he enjoyed his first s’mores, bedecked in rain gear.

Baby’s First S’mores

The whole house is asleep soundly now as I watch the Olympics and get us ready for tomorrow, which will start rainy, but hopefully brighten up (if my weather app is to be trusted.) Hoping to get to the beach in the afternoon tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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