After a few days with family, The Who and I boarded the fast ferry across the harbor (and more) to meet up with m*, who arrived at our vacation house yesterday. This was The Who’s first bonafide boat ride and although he was excited at the prospect, nothing compared to the actual thrill of feeling the wind on his face as the boat sped across the water at 45 mph.

This is the smile of a delighted boy.

Midway through the 1.5-hour ride, he started getting a little restless, so I suggested we go inside and sit at a table to play a game on my phone. Wrongo, Ringo. That was a terrible idea. What had been fun and windy and bouncy outside, was stale and warm and queasy inside. We sat at the table for maybe ten minutes before we both started turning green and going back outside seemed like the best (and only) option. I immediately felt better outside, but I think it took The Who a little while to recover.

He actually fell asleep on me for about ten minutes, which is virtually unheard of these days.

All in all, though, a good trip. And a way better way to get out here than to drive in vacation traffic. We were met by m* just off the dock and we meandered our way through town with our luggage, finally arriving at our [cute!] little place. We are staying at a different place this year after spending the last two years in the same condo. This is definitely smaller, but much more homey and comfy. It’s also at least a quarter mile closer to town, which makes the walk feel more doable.

The set-up: queen-sized air mattress on the floor for The Who. He was positively delighted by this and went to bed happily at 8:30 tonight, despite all the napping (car and boat.)

Now we have a week of fun ahead of us. The Who’s agenda is to drink salt water from the ocean. My agenda is to get to the beach, check out the new shops that have cropped up between last summer and this, and thwart The Who in his efforts to lick the ocean.




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