Three Things.

I have three things to tell you people:

1. Swim lessons. Remember the other day when I waxed all poetic about swimming and how The Who was learning to swim and I was delighting in the lesson time? Yeah, not so much anymore. Today, after three days in a row, The Who, for the first time, showed some resistance as lesson time approached. He was ok when I dropped him off in the pool and walked away, but within minutes, I could hear his cry from across the pool. I stepped up on the hill in time to see the harshest of the three teachers forcing him to lie flat in the water and calling him a “bad boy” and extending his turn in the water for refusing to let go of her arms and “flap his wings.” Another mother stood next to me and said, “Poor kid. Is he yours?” And when I said yes, she said, “I don’t know how you do it; I’d be crying.” To which I replied, “I am.” (She couldn’t see through my sunglasses.) It took all the strength I had not to rip him from the teacher’s arms and just hold him. He cried every time he was in the water after that, which just breaks my heart. He has loved lessons up until today. He was energized and joyful each day. I hope this teacher doesn’t break his spirit. Fortunately, he did still want to get right back in the pool with me afterwards, which we did, but not before I had a firm chat with his teacher. There will be no shaming of my kid and comments on his goodness on my watch.

2. The movies. With threatening clouds looming and the crappy swim lesson experience still lingering around us, I thought today would be the perfect day for The Who’s first visit to the big movie theatre. There really aren’t any completely appropriate movies out right now (ideally, his first movie would be something like Follow That Bird) but it seemed doable and he seemed into it.

“Two incredibly overpriced tickets to Ice Age: Continental Drift please.”

He had himself a lovely time, even if he was a bit bored. In classic Who fashion, he was pretty compliant and not over-the-moon about the experience. I brought a cushion to boost him up in the seat, and we had the proper accouterments: popcorn and Junior Mints. He got a little bored (note to self: next time, arrive 15 minutes late so we miss most of the TWENTY MINUTES OF PREVIEWS)  but opted to stay when given the choice. And I’m sure he was delighted that he did because once the movie was over and the theatre was empty, the kid ran those ramps and aisles like he was Rocky, training for a fight. Who knew an empty, semi-dark movie theatre was such a preschooler’s playground?

3. The Who visited the dentist yesterday and got this little turtle as a prize. He promptly named the turtle “Astronaut.”

As soon as we got home, he brought Astronaut directly to Bella to play.


5 thoughts on “Three Things.

  1. Here via Uppercase woman. I’m so sorry. I went through a similar swim-lesson experience (not identical, but similar) with my then-4 year old and ended up pulling him out of the lessons, frustrating stuff.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have heard so many swim lesson horror stories. Why is it that people see fit to shame and bully little children into learning to swim?

      • Ours wasn’t even so much shaming and bullying (totally agree, horrible) but simply ignoring that something the instructor was doing was frightening my (otherwise confident in the water) son. And honestly, I’m not sure any of it inherently surprises me … but … but … I don’t see why people don’t understand that fear (shame, etc.) are not conducive to learning.

        There’s a good comment, donna July 21, 2012 at 11:53 am, on Cecily’s blog in reponse to (though not in reply to) your comment — I hope you’ll go back and read it; I agree with her.

        • Thanks for alerting me to the comment over on UW. I went back and replied to her that I did, in fact, complain up the chain. I am waiting to hear exactly what will happen on Monday.

  2. “Bad boy”???? Really? I would be livid. I’m sorry you and he had to go through that. My current opinion, after our recent swim lesson debacle, is that if the kid’s not digging it, don’t force it. Instead, keep water and swim-play fun. Lessons can wait ’til later.

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