Here We Go.

The blogs I love the best are the ones who just keep me up to date. The ones who fill me in on their daily lives with pithy little stories and cute pictures. And then, I especially love when those same blogs have intermittent deeper posts, where they let us in just a little further. And, sure. I love the blogs that my friends write. Because they’re my friends and it’s fun to get to hear a little more about them. But, yeah. I like to be kept in the loop, kept up to date, informed. And I like it the most when my newsy friends are great writers, which they are. (Hello, WestPhillyMama, It’sNotLikeACat, and CreatingMotherhood — among many others, of course.)

Somehow, though, despite knowing that my favorite blogs are the ones who pop in regularly to keep me on top of the daily headlines, I am the kind of blogger who typically doesn’t blog unless I have some Big Thing to blog about. Somehow, despite being a Facebooker, Tweeter, Memoirist, and Livejournaler from way back, I still feel like the mundane details don’t belong here.

Maybe, though, they’re not mundane to everyone?

I was the happiest as a blogger during NaBloWriMo, where I wrote something every day. I felt no pressure to make it “good” or “worthwhile” because the goal then was to publish something — anything — every day. And then as soon as the month was over, I reverted back to sporadic posting and only when there was a capital-T-Topic.

I’m going to try to do some more blogging. I’m going to try to loosen the rigid rules I have laid out for myself regarding what posts should be about and just try to work on volume. I will try hard not to turn out insipid bullshit, but I have to warn you: you gotta take 90 shots to get one good photo.

Here we go.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go.

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I consider you a prolific blogger! I feel like I see updates several times a week. Totally agree though about how nice it is to post more regularly than your standard.

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