We spent five hours at the pool yesterday. The Who was in and out of his bathing suit twice, took a handful of sand to the face gracefully, and played with any kid who joined him in the sand box. I watched my shirtless boy soaking in summer and all I could do was smile.

I took The Who to my “work building” because I had to sign some papers. This, although it is a building on campus, was not our final destination, but we popped in to potty here. And I’m glad we did because the living wall (behind him) and the enormous cherry picker stationed in the middle of the rotunda captivated him and moved him to say, “Ooh, Mama. I love your work building!” Never a bad idea to instill a sense of pride in a kid about where his mama works.

An unexpectedly breezy evening brought us back outside after cooking dinner to do some rock sorting on our new steps. I have been astounded lately at his interest in and skills with counting and adding. I better start brushing up because math, well, let’s just say I’m an English teacher for a reason and leave it at that.

Moving from counting to writing. He still writes his whole name backwards and that “E” often has a zillion lines on it. I love to watch him figuring it out.


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