I have a migraine, which I totally expected after a day like this (10 hours long, all but 3 of them spent in the sun in 98-degree heat.) The Who is sleeping sort of fitfully because of his allergies (despite Benadryl) and his last wake-up included a very pitiful cry of, “I have a booooogie!” Climbing the stairs three times with a migraine is not my idea of a good time.

The day, though, was delicious. Thomas the Tank Engine was shiny and blue and cheerful, just as I expected him to be and the kids lasted really well through the heat and sun and hours and hours of togetherness. Packed in like sardines, the 7 of us. Everyone was a great sport. It’s good to have friends willing to go on adventures that include water ice for dinner in our swamp of a backyard, sitting fully clothed in a $7 inflatable pool.

This is what summer’s about, y’all. Yes, I have a sunburned right cheek (what?) and sure, I now have to do dishes and pack lunches with a throbbing left temple, but there’s sweetness all around. Good-natured little boys and girls, sharing new toys, negotiating new friendships, sharing buttered hot dog rolls with licks off each others’ fingers. Rainbow ice cream. Storybooks.

Tomorrow my nephew turns twelve. In July, there will be Olympics to watch. Baby Silas calls The Who “Ah-too.” Life is good today.


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