Baby Got Back (Home.)

The last couple of days sort of flew by in a blur of fun. As difficult of a transition as the first two days were, that’s how smooth the last few were. After our banner day in Cambridge on Wednesday, yesterday we spent a leisurely morning at home, playing. I did our laundry, cleaned up the house a bit, and got us mostly packed up before we headed over to our friends KK and Johnny’s house. (They really are “our” friends. The Who regularly refers to Johnny as “my big friend.”) It was summertime and the living was easy over there. We all took a walk out for lunch, meandered back, stopping at the playground. Toured the garden. Ran barefoot in the yard. Stuff like that there.

KK playfully donning The Who’s lovey blankets.

Sharing a very important story on a very loud street corner.

And then, after a quick car powernap, I dropped The Who off with Grandma, scooted off for a manicure (aah) and then picked up dinner for all of us plus my brother, sister-in-law, and The Who’s cousins, whom he just adores. He kept referring to them as “my cousins” all night and asking them over and over to play. (They are 8 and 12, so I give them a lot of credit for playing with the little kid all night with very little complaint.)

And then today? Pretty much just driving. Driving, driving, and driving. Except for the part where, before the driving, we got a car wash at The Who’s request and then I sucked up his precious lovey blankets with the vacuum. (Luckily, I am far from the first person who has done this and they just unlocked the container and retrieved the filthy things for me.) (Also, KK wore them on her head before their unfortunate ride through the dusty hose.)

So, yeah. That’s it. Gone and back with very little fanfare. The re-entry wasn’t as hard as it’s been in visits past, but I am aware of being just as happy to be home as I am sad to be away from Boston. There’s very little like Boston in the spring.

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