Day Tres.

The Who is very interested in counting in Spanish lately. “Uno, dos, trehz, quatno, cinco!” (Along with the appropriate number of fingers.) Sometimes he makes it all the way up to ocho. He also likes to use the musical terms he has learned on Little Einsteins. “Mama, you need to talk piano and I can talk FORTE!” He’s picking up words like the best, most useful Swiffer ever and using them appropriately. After one explanation of “perpendicular” and “parallel” he has now incorporated those into his daily discussion, too. It’s a good thing he’s got some interesting things to say because the kid talks all. day. long.

Anyway, so yes. Day Three of our vacation was a good one — chock full of history and sunshine and photo opps. We have been reading Make Way for Ducklings lately, so we planned a trip to the Public Garden to see them. We took the T, walked through the Garden, fed the ducks, rode the Swan Boats, climbed on the bronze statues, walked up Charles Street, had some ice cream, detoured through the Common, rode the Frog Pond carousel, picked up a duckling t-shirt, and got back on the T to go home.

I don’t have many photos available for posting because I turned off my phone as an experiment. The Who was a lot happier and so was I. I took lots and lots of “real” photos, but they’re yet to be uploaded. Stay tuned, though, for some extreme close-ups of the Seussish flowers planted in random plots all over the Public Garden.

After a day of hoofing it all over Beacon Hill, this sleepy boy took an hourlong car nap.

Last night, we went to my aunt’s for dinner, where The Who’s great uncles got on the floor and played, big kids themselves.


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