A while ago, The Who’s school hatched some chicks. They did this last year, too. And they grew some butterflies out of creepy caterpillars. Lots of ’em. Like a regular old science lab up in there. I heard they were gonna clone sheep in the Pre-K room on Wednesday, but unfortunately, The Who doesn’t go to school on Wednesdays.

Two and a half years ago, we bought a 10-visit pass to this local, urban/hippie, indoor wooden-toy playspace/organic cafe. Don’t get me wrong, I love this place. And The Who is a big fan, too. But I can’t say that the 10-visit pass really saved us any money. We probably went there more often than we would have otherwise and each time, purchased some absurdly overpriced little container of Cheerios (plus eleventy-seven other overpriced food/beverage items.) It’s almost like the marketing people there knew what they were doing when they offered the discounted multi-pass. Still, we did love it there. And I say “did” because this past visit (which also, as you can see, included a visit to the downstairs tumbling room) was probably among our last, if not our actual last. It was the tenth of our prepaid sessions and The Who has pretty much aged out of it. But it was good while it lasted and I’m so glad it exists.

Mama prefers pedicures; let it be known. Rarely do I paint my own toes anymore, but for some reason this last pedicure hitchhiked its way right out of town after one day at the pool and so I busted out the polish. The Who was immediately enamored with the blue glitter (can’t say as I blame him) and requested a little pedi himself. So there ya have it: the world’s cutest, most awesome toes. (My friend told me he looks like he has fungus on every toenail and I should change the color. Not that I shouldn’t paint his toes, mind you. Just that the blue was unbecoming.)

There are several things about this photo that just delight me. The first is The Who’s penchant toward tie-wearing. He’s natty. He knows it. I also really love that he just took it upon himself to grab a book and hop on my bed to pass the time while I was getting dressed. Also, cheeks. Jesus, those cheeks.

Playing trains on the train. So meta.

We’ve had a couple of really stellar playing days lately, which is saying a lot. Playing, sort of surprisingly, is not my forte. The Who’s been busting out the dollhouse a lot lately. And building beds and houses for his favorite stuffed dog out of big wooden blocks. Here, our young hero is digging in the drawers under the train table, searching for just the right firefighter’s helmet. His imagination is explosive right now. This morning, the little boy in the dollhouse family learned how to turn himself into an airplane and fly. Talented guy — despite the awkward, yarny hair.

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