It’s been so long since I posted that WordPress asked for my password again.


I have a lot of posts brewing and have been saving up pictures for those posts, but then I end up posting some pithy little thing on Facebook or a couple of shots on Instagram and I’m done. What I can give you tonight is a list. And a promise that I’ll be back to more regular posting soon.

  1. I’ve had this crazy windfall of freelance work lately (some paid and some not) and although I am grateful for the work, finding the time to fit it into my schedule will be challenging. But, yes! Work! More money to spend on pajamas and sneakers for The Who!
  2. Pajamas and sneakers, indeed! The kid is growing like mad. We think he actually had a growth spurt last week (which I somehow thought ended in babyhood, but it turns out no.) He slept for what seems like days, felt a little warm, ate little, and then his toes burst through the tops of his sneakers and all of his jammies started riding up over his bellybutton. I’m not even exaggerating. When I finally got him to the shoe store, I found that he was poking the rubber right off the soles of his size 9s. I guess that’s because he’s supposed to be wearing a 10.5. Oops. Kid’s been running everywhere since he got his new kicks. “My knees can go up so high when I run in my new sneakers, Mama!”
  3. Went to the Please Touch Museum, Fireman’s Hall Museum, and Smith Playground. He’s getting more daring and more adventurous. There’s a video of the two of us careening down a 40-foot slippery wooden slide on a burlap sack at the playground. There’s a video of him laughing hysterically, trying to get his feet into grown-up-sized firefighter boots. There’s a video of him chasing his little pal around the museum. They’re awesome. Take my word for it.
  4. I’m way behind in my Draw Something and Scramble games and, frankly, this bullet point should not come before the next one, which is
  5. I’m behind on grading. Not way behind, but certainly not on top of it. Also, see number 1 above. Knowing that I have all this stuff to do does not motivate me to get it done. In fact, just the opposite. It kind of immobilizes me.
  6. Speaking of immobile, I should have been in bed an hour ago. Maybe more.

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