I’m sweating like it’s July, which makes me really glad that I did what I did today, instead of in, say, July. Because if it’s 80 in the sun in mid-March, I don’t even want to think about life two months from now. (Thankfully, at least, we’ve secured that pool membership. If we can do nothing else, at least we can submerge ourselves in water with 400 of our neighbors.)

Anyway. What I did today fills me so much I-am-woman-hear-me-roar pride that I just want to write it all down for the three of you who read this. First, yesterday, I moved a leather-and-steel, double-reclining oversized loveseat from our living room to our porch. Alone. Then I rearranged the entire living room and hauled an extra large, heavy duty file cabinet to the basement (along with assorted other things: table, barstool, returned-to-me baby gear that I loaned out, which is is soon to be re-loaned to someone else. I love being the pregnancy Fairy Godmother.) Then I accepted delivery of the new couch. (This required, as you might imagine, very little from me aside from sitting on the old couch and sipping an iced coffee.)

Today, I drove an hour and a half round trip, procured a sizable refund of delivery cost, and hauled home the big leather ottoman that the delivery people forgot yesterday. And then — because I am either a glutton for punishment or energized by how cool this room is going to look when we’re done — I stopped at Home Goods and bought a 7′ x 10′ rug. I just WonderWomaned it all inside myself (with the exception of the little bit of help I received from a kind, strapping passer-by) and as soon as I stop dripping with this is-it-even-Spring-yet sweat, I’ll unfurl the rug, roll up the old one, tighten the legs on the ottoman, and bask in the glory of the singlehanded transformation of our space. (Although, in the name of credit where credit is due, m* and I did pick out the couch together after two days of sitting on  — and hauling ourselves up off  — almost every piece of furniture in the tri-state area.)

I had anticipated spending this day grading on the porch. Alas, I’ll have to get to that tonight, lounging all over all the new stuff in here.

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