I hadn’t painted in a long time and I missed it. And then when I got this little handful of orders, I kept putting it off. Because I am me and that’s what I do. Oh, hi, Me. I see you have a shit-ton of things to do. What’s say we just lay around and watch TV every night and spend all of our free time at Panera. Wanna? That’ll help the shit-ton of things get done.

Tonight, because the first thing I had to paint is “due” on Sunday (having already been granted an extension on the one that was due tomorrow by a gracious and forgiving friend) I holed myself up in the basement with Vitamin Water (or, as The Who calls it: Lello Juice) and the trusty Netflix. And, as always, once I was in the throes of designing and painting with episode after episode of Parenthood playing in the background, I found my mojo. As soon as I finished that project, I immediately wanted to paint another one (which I am ultimately too tired to do) and I am reluctant to leave my cozy basement studio (despite the cold cement floor and rumbling of the water heater.) (Of course, my reluctance to go upstairs may also have something to do with the mouse we semi-discovered** in our house the other night, but it’s also totally because I am still grooving on the feeling of having accomplished something. Accomplishment with a side of creative release. I’ll have two of those; one for here and one to go.)

I need to clean off The Who’s art table, which is right beside mine, but covered in my crap. I want to make this space more inviting. I want to spend more time down here with him and have it be a space where he can come spend time on his own. Perhaps that will be my summer project: create an actual studio for us. Line the walls with shelving to hold supplies that he can have easy access to. Put up a decorative screen to shield our Happy Place from the rest of the basement storage. Lay down a rug. Set up an iPod dock. I’m doing it. I’m totally doing it. As soon as I get to the rest of that shit-ton of things.

**We didn’t actually see the mouse. We just discovered his droppings on the counter (ew, ew, EW) two mornings in a row. We imagine he came in through one of the holes that were in the wall when we were having some electrical work done a couple of weeks ago. Orkin’s coming tomorrow. Because Mama don’t lay traps.

2 thoughts on “To-Do.

  1. the voice of experience re mice…block the holes with steel wool…they can’t get thru that. I also used these boxes of food (poison)that you can lay out in hidden places they may have been (check around other places for the droppings), they eat the food and sadly for them, it thins their blood and they die, hopefully not in your house but sometimes in the walls, which smells bade for a few days…that’s the advice from the sage — oh, and an art space sounds great and rug is the first thing….

  2. I just read this to Tim and he loved the part about the mouse. We are wasting late night time @ Dunkin with wifi. When alone I kill tons of hours @ Panera too. I hope your studio dream manifests for you (see Shakti Gawain books for mantra for guilt free wishing)

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