On Veggies.

I’ve never made beets before, but I’mma try. I mean, I’ve opened a can and drained the juice and eaten those beets. But I got organic beets today at the Fresh Market. The kind that still have a little dirt on them from the ground and everything. What do you do? Peel them? Slice and then roast? Boil? Steam? I’m going to add them to my Brussels sprouts and carrots recipe because the recipe said that Brussels sprouts and carrots bring out the earthiness in one another. And beets are earthy. Plus, red. Plus, like I said, I’ve never made them and I have wanted to. It’s the tiiiiiime of the seaaaaaason for making beeeeeeets.

This particular veggie dish had us eating veggies with our fingers, cold, in front of the open refrigerator, even as it angrily beeped at us for leaving the door open too long. (My car angrily beeps at me when it thinks, apparently, that I should have a seatbelt on my backpack in the passenger seat. I finally decided to keep the damn seatbelt buckled all the time. End of the beeping. I have not yet found a similar fix for the “stop eating at the open fridge” beep.)

There’s a good deal of butter in this veggie recipe, but it’s unsalted butter and maybe that counts for something. Also, there’s some chopped shallot. Look at me all chopping shallots and including beets in my recipes.

There’s gonna be an inch of snow on the ground in the morning. Mama’s been spoiled by this “winter” and the threat of an inch of snow (though it sounds like it’s raining right now) is enough to have me cancelling all plans and spending the day in jammies. I wish there was also going to be a Superbowl on this weekend. Ideally, one we would win instead of blow in the first two minutes of the game.

I digress.

So, yes. Beets. Brussels sprouts (the ones that come right on the stalk and you snap them off yourself in a very satisfying popping-the-bubble-wrap kind of way) and also baby carrots. Not baby cut carrots, mind you. Did you know that most of the “baby carrots” being sold are actually just regular sized carrots that are cut down in a machine and then dipped in, like, formaldehyde to keep them “fresh?” (Ok, maybe it’s not formaldehyde.) (I totally think it is, though.)** There’s all kinds of trickery. All you see when you’re shopping is “baby carrots.” Somehow you don’t see the “cut” or you do and you don’t know what it means so you buy them anyway. But I read an article. Or I heard something on npr. Or something. Anyway, you gotta look for the real, honest-to-god baby carrots. That’s what I got. Along with my snap-off-the-stalk sprouts and my dirty organic beets. I’m like Mother Earth here with my wholesome goodness. I better do a McDonald’s run tomorrow to keep me honest.

**ETA: It’s not formaldehyde; it’s chlorine. But still.

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