A Week.

We had a week in Boston, The Who and I. I loved it. I had been craving time with friends and family and I’m lucky that my friends and family make time for me when we visit. I had plans every morning and every evening (some with The Who and some without) and still made sure that he got a solid nap in every afternoon. Win. The drives to and fro were even completely uneventful. What 3-year-old can occupy himself in the back seat for 8 hours? My 3-year-old can. Lucky, lucky me. (There was an hour or so of laptop-tv-watching, but aside from that, he really made it work by playing with the toys that always live in the car plus a few novelties (most notably, one of those “magic” marker pads that look clear but make color appear on special paper.)

We spent some time on my undergrad college campus. It was fun to see him against the backdrop of those years. Two worlds colliding.

We also got some beautiful, powdery snow. About 5" worth, which was just right for playing. It wasn't "snowman snow," which was disappointing, but there also was no rain or slush so it was light and feathery and barely stuck to our clothes at all.

One of my favorite activities of the week was visiting this place called MuckyKids in Cambridge. Genius! A kids’ drop-in art studio! The concept is similar to the paint-your-own pottery idea, but so much better and more. Little tables full of projects just right for the 3-5 year old set. “Bleeding” tissue paper and colored ice, Oobleck, plastic saws and cardboard, a “sticky” wall, bubble wrap squares taped to the floor for stomping, a wire-sculpting station, and more that we didn’t even have time to discover. Ribbons and colored tape and all kinds of recyclables and findings for free-form projects. I can’t believe this doesn’t exist in Philadelphia and I am 73% serious about opening one myself. If I could find a business partner, I think we could make a go of it. Seriously.

Although he liked painting on the paper well enough, he REALLY liked painting on the wall.

It was a good week, people. A restorative week. My mission is to find some way to recreate that sense of camaraderie and home here.


3 thoughts on “A Week.

  1. I hope you are able to find that — although old friends and places you know well and family that love you aren’t really duplicatabe simply because they are that. A restorative week is great now and again and if you don’t replace it there, you’ll come home periodically to restore and we will be happy 🙂

    And I do hope you find a business partner — one with money and business knowledge — an accountant perhaps???

  2. You forgot the paragraph about “Had lunch with my friend Julia who just turned 40–sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate–and is still totally awesome!” 🙂

    Glad you had such a good week. It’s good you can get away to do that, but of course it would be nice to create restorative patterns at home, too. Yes. That’s hard to do.

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