I’m not sure I understand the concept of school Thanksgiving feasts. The Who has one this afternoon and everyone’s all excited. Turkey! Cornbread! Stuffing! Hi, isn’t this the meal we wait all year for and are so looking forward to…on Thursday? Why do we not eat this stuff all year (mostly) and then saturate our pre-Thanksgiving week with the very meal we’re anticipating? When else does this happen? I mean, I know that when I am going to have dinner at, say, a Chinese restaurant on Friday, I don’t wake up Monday morning and think: Chinese! All week! All Chinese, all the time! No. Rather, I make a specific effort to eat other stuff. Because that makes the upcoming Chinese meal all that much more appreciated.

Anyway. So, The Who has his Thanksgiving feast at school today and I paid the money for his participation and I’ve been talking it up to him for a couple of days, but I’ve seen the menu and so I threw in a bag of string cheese pieces as back-up. Because my boy is not a Thanksgiving-feast-lover. At least not as near as I can tell, based on quotes like, “There are vegetables in my lemmalade (pulp); I don’t like vegetables;” and “I don’t like this potatoes. I don’t like how it feels in my mouth.” Maybe he’ll eat some cornbread. Maybe turkey. It’s a crap shoot.

I, on the other hand, am saving myself for The Big Show on Thursday. Mama loves herself some Thanksgiving.

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