I missed posting yesterday and even though I am exhausted, I am determined not to miss another day.

  • Today we sucked up the last of the beautifully warm autumn weather before the week of rain moves in. We kicked around in the leaves, played “rescue” on the fire truck structure, and took turns collecting chestnuts. Both of our allergies kicked up tonight, but it was worth it. I need to be outside and so does The Who.
  • I’m approaching this winter with a new attitude. We’re not hibernating. We’re getting out in it. There’s no reason why, as long as we’re properly outfitted, we can’t play at a park in the snow and cold. I remember thinking this last year when the little local tot lot was covered in a foot of snow. I thought about how much fun it would be to bundle The Who into his snowsuit and just roll around in it. We never did, though. We took some walks in the snow and one day, we rode the trolley up the street for lunch, but that was the extent of it. I figure that the older The Who gets, the easier it will be to venture out into the elements.
  • I had a grown-up dinner tonight at The Cheesecake Factory. It’s a pretty rare thing — going out to dinner as a grown-up with another grown-up. We talked about our kids and poop, sure, but we also talked about work and shopping, and other non-kid things. And no one interrupted us. And no one needed his food cut up for him. And no one required a backpack-of-treasures on hand in case of imminent meltdowns. And there was wine. And it was good.
  • My new haircut requires more product and attention than it ever used to. And the haircut’s not even that new; it’s just that this product now exists and I think it makes my hair look a lot better. So I use it. But now I have to scrunch. And simulate drying with a diffuser (since I don’t have a diffuser.) And I have to wash my hands again when I’m done because the sticky goop is sticky. I think maybe it’s worth it, but I am also a little tired of it. Also, and plus, I need root mascara. I’m tempted to just use regular mascara. I won’t, but I’m tempted.
  • Operation Sleep Re-training is a success. Gone are the nights of waking for no apparent reason and mumbling some throaty gibberish while I cover him up and pop a binky in his mouth. He just moaned for a second, but went right back to sleep. I love when a plan works.
  • The end.


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