Disjointed and Late.

We went to the tiniest zoo in the world today. I mean, I don’t know if it holds the actual title, but the way I see it, it totally should. A condor, a tiger (really? A tiger? A tiger seems kind of A-crowd for this decidedly C-crowd zoo, to be honest.) Also, two random furry animals, some stinky goats, which were awfully cute and there for the petting, two river otters and the smallest owl I have ever seen. The End. That was the whole zoo.

Fortunately, today was a really beautiful day in a string of beautiful days and so after the micro-zoo, we hauled up a giant cobblestone hill to a cool playground and then climbed all over the river rocks after feeding the ducks and geese. All in all, a totally rewarding outdoor day. It makes me sad to think about the actuality of winter coming. It’s gonna happen. Not even a 70-degree November day can deny the sureness of the coming of snow. And dark. And gray. At least we’re making strides toward creating a true winter sun room out of our super sunny, but cold uninsulated enclosed front porch. We’re gonna have space heaters and a comfy couch and I hope to be spending many hours out there. I really need sun. Today was good for that, even if I can still smell the stench of goat when I breathe deeply.

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