I’m saving MamaCat’s post as a reward for finishing mine tonight. It better be a good one. 😉

Today, I spent an hour online and on the phone with the cable company, trying to negotiate down my bill. (I just had a flashback to when I used to work for CellOne — remember CellOne? — and a customer asked me if he could “Jew down” his bill. “No, sir,” I told him. “At least not when you use a term like ‘Jew down’.”) Anyway. So, I spent an hour trying to reduce my cable bill from “exorbitant” to merely “embarrassingly high.” I think I was successful — but not without some sacrifice. We’re giving up some channels we love (Showtime, for one. Dexter! Nurse Jackie! I guess we’ll have to become one of the less fortunate who have to wait for DVDs to be released.) and we also let go of our landline.

So, it’s come to this.

We’re poised to become a mobile-only household and y’know what will happen? The Who will grow up with almost no frame of reference for actual telephones. Ah, the circle game. Just like Gen-Y has almost no idea what a rotary phone is and I cant even imagine having to share a phone line with a whole ‘nother family, The Who will not know what it means to plug a phone into the wall.

I wonder what other things that seemed everlasting will become obsolete before he’s old enough to remember any different.

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