Done and done.

Ten things I did today:

  1. Showered! This may not seem like much to some of you, but a) I kind of hate showering (I like the effect of it, but I am kinda lazy about the effort. Especially on cold days) and b) I am not often afforded the opportunity of a morning shower what with the kid and the wife and their schedules.
  2. Got the kiddo to preschool before snack. This is always a goal of mine and being that they eat at 9am on the dot and are often done by 9:15, there’s a narrow window of opportunity. But snack is free at school and it’s often decidedly breakfasty (Pancakes! Cereal and milk!) and because sometimes between the morning cocoa and the wrangling of clothes, he doesn’t eat breakfast at home, getting him there for snack feels like a coup.
  3. Downloaded the full Adobe Acrobat Pro (thank you very much, Big Private University Where I Work, which gives free software to faculty.)
  4. Created a PDF fillable form for the free t-shirt that one lucky raffle winner scored from my customized, hand-painted  side business (::cough:: :::cough:::)
  5. Emailed all the raffle entries to let them know that, sorry, you didn’t win, but woo, 50% off anything on my site! (How many commas can I put in there and still have it be grammatically correct? I am not sure and I am too full from the muffin I just ate to try to figure it out. I did just tell a student the other day, as she attempted to challenge my grammar, that she was stepping into the ring with the Queen of Grammar. My, but I have a high opinion of myself, don’t I?)
  6. Delivered a bag of The Who’s old clothes to a friend whose neighbor just got a foster kid.
  7. Delivered a bag of “overflow” hand-me-downs (we are full up and barely bought one thing — how lucky are we?) to another friend.
  8. Delivered a bag of books that I purged from our shelves to yet another friend. (That italics there seems to suggest some kind of pride in having three actual friends, but really the emphasis is on how many different houses I drove to during my midday coffee-shop-hopping.)
  9. Graded my two online classes up to date.
  10. Wrote this blog post.





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