Oh, you guys. I know I promised a blog post every day of NaBloPoMo (which is awkward to say, I know. So, when you’re doing your dramatic reading of this post — you do that, right? — feel free to skip this first line.) But it’s Sunday night at 9:09pm, which is really more like Sunday night at 10:09 pm because of the whole daylight savings thing, which I love when it gives us more light and hate when it takes light away.

I need light.

I already feel the SADD coming on. (Isn’t that Students Against Drunk Driving? How did the depressive disorder people get to co-opt the eager, straight edge students?) This is the first year, after many years of experiencing symptoms, that I am officially self-diagnosing. I’ve been perusing Amazon for the special sunlight lamps and I am really hoping that my impending iPhone purchase is going to help keep me cheerful. (Is there a sunlight lamp app? There should be. Are any of you app developers? Speaking of apps, I heard of one that detects your waking movements if you put your phone on the bed and wakes you up at the right time for your body. Creepy. And a little awesome.) This morning in the shower I started fantasizing about summertime and long vacations and the beach and I realized that I have a very long several months ahead of me.

In related news (it will relate; I promise) The Who is getting…well, three-er. It’s happening every day. Kind of like how I watched my elderly grandmother getting hundred-er. Y’know, every day, despite her continuing awesomeness, we could see her getting closer and closer to 100. Forgetfulness, wrinkles, sleepiness. And every day, as The Who ekes closer and closer to three, I see it coming more clearly. Defiance, constant talking, insistence. We’ve been dealing with it mostly by making nasty faces at him when he’s not looking, but I’m sure it’s going to catch up with me at some point, especially as I get crankier and crankier as winter plods on. In fact, it was his recent foray into “excitable biting” that lit the fire under my ass to finally get the sun lamp.

Ok. So, sun lamp. iPhone. A stockpile of Friends episodes. I’m lining up my defenses. I’m heading into battle.

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