I Take it Back.

We do Halloween posts around here, don’t we? I’m realizing, as I read other blogs, that it’s really the next obvious post to go up here. Mostly because if I don’t do it soon, it will be weird — to both not have done it and then to do it so close to Thanksgiving. (Christmas? Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?) So, here it comes. You’ve been warned: it’s the Halloween post.

I wrote a post a little while ago about how I’m kind of meh about Halloween, but I have to recant. After having gone trick-or-treating with an actual child (as opposed to a toddler, which was last year’s experience) I have to say, if I’m being honest, that Halloween is kind of awesome. Especially if the weather is an excellently crisp (but not cold), leafy (but not wet) 50ish degrees and you have a kid who delights in being out after dark, but napped late enough in the day to make him not unruly and wild with exhaustion. Also especially if you happen to live in a little town that happens to take it all Quite Seriously, as mine does. If you’ve ever seen a trick-or-treating scene in a movie (I’m thinking of ones from E.T. and Stepmom) then you have a decent idea of what our nabe looks like on Halloween. (An aside: is it true that some communities postpone trick-or-treating ’til the weekend? I heard this rumor, but I am loathe to believe such absurdity.) There were spooky window decorations, fog machines, creepy music, flashing lights, tons of families, an a general sense of neighborhood camaraderie.  Add to that the fact that The Who was Mr. Independent, climbing full sets of stone steps (you have to work for your haul around these parts) and going right up to doors by himself (except the ones with dogs and/or fog machines.) I totally got to be that unassuming mom on the sidewalk, smiling at her very cute kid as he said “trick your treat” and loaded up his bucket with candy (most of which I am consuming systematically, every night after The Who goes to bed.)

Anyway. Yeah. It was a good time. So I take back all of the sourpuss comments I made a couple of weeks ago. I dig Halloween. And I kinda can’t wait for next year.

If you don't mind, Mama, I think I will live with these people now. They have an awful lot of candy here.

There was an equally creepy downstairs window on this house.

Mister Independent

The Haul.

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