Dr. Jekyll and Mama Hyde.

If you’ve ever wondered if someone can feel simultaneously like an awesome parent and the worst parent in the world, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. I don’t know how usual it is (probably more than I think or know) but it’s definitely possible. I’m living the dream right here.

Sometimes I plan these awesome adventures and I pack our bag just right and we have everything we need. Sometimes he cries and I know just how to hold him so that he doesn’t feel like it’s not ok to cry or to be sad. Sometimes he will say something like, “I made a choice to do that,” or “I felt frustrated when you did that,” and I will think: I made that. I made that articulate, aware, smart child. I am a *good* parent. Sometimes I will calmly follow through on a warning and set limits and keep them and I know that, dammit, I am doing this right. And I pat myself on the back and even feel a little bit smug.


Then sometimes, he is two and I am human and life happens and all of a sudden, I’m yelling. And he’s crying. And I feel guilty and he feels sad. And I’d like to say that the former happens much more often than the latter, but I’m not sure I’d be being honest if I said that. I think it’s 50/50 at best right now.

I hate losing it with him, but more than that, I hate feeling the kind of intolerance and frustration and anger that I seem to be feeling on a daily basis lately. Is this just the way it is when you’re a mostly stay-at-home mom of a toddler/preschooler? (In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that he goes to day care twice a week while I work/regain control of my sanity. But I will also let you know that many weeks, I am alone with him for four days and three nights in a row as my partner travels for work.)

Listen, if I knew that it was normal to feel like I feel as often as I do — if I knew that other mothers feel the same level of frustration and intolerance as regularly as I do — if I knew all of that, maybe I wouldn’t be so troubled by it. But mothers don’t talk about it in great detail. Mothers will say, “been there, done that” or they will say, “totally normal,” but they don’t ever say “I can’t stand being with my kid for another second today” or “What the hell did I get myself into and how can I get my old life back?” I can’t find anyone talking about it the way I want to hear about it.

One thought on “Dr. Jekyll and Mama Hyde.

  1. When Hayley was first born.. maybe about 6 months old or so and Jake was 3 and at the absolute hardest stage EVER for me, I lost it so badly (after a period of coping and trying to hold it together) and told my (then) husband, “I can’t do it today. You need to find someone to watch Jake or take him with you to work because i literally cannot take care of him.” So he took him to work and, as he was a painter, had to leave 3 year old Jake in the passenger side of his pickup outside his shop during the times he was spraying paint. GREAT PARENTING EH?? And during that time, little Jake got into the glove box and ate a piece of his dad’s nicotine gum. GREAT JOB MOM!!

    That was the time I decided to go on zoloft so that I could adequately handle the job of being a fully stay home parent of two small kids. I had no family anywhere near. No doting grandparents. No money for child care relief… it was me and me only.

    That is just a sample. I can more than adequately hang my laundry out here and make you feel REALLY good about your parenting 🙂 Suffice to say, what you are going through is normal for SOME people.. maybe even most… but surely for many independent, intelligent, strong women.

    I love reading your posts and blogs. I hate seeing you kick your own ass regularly over what you assume to be inadequate parenting. Our mothers got frustrated with us and yelled at us for irrational reasons. We went on.

    With love, your phantom stranger cousin,


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