He cuts.

He cuts his own food!

Ok, not really. But, well, yeah. Kinda really. It’s not like he’s digging into a filet mignon and carving it into tiny bite-sized morsels. Nor is he in the kitchen dicing onions as my sous chef (but I’ll tell ya, I’m putting him straight to work as soon as he’s able.) But he can cut: a chunk of watermelon, a hot dog (already cut in half), and strips of grilled cheese. He can probably cut other things of a similar size and consistency, but these are the only things we’ve tried. He loves it. LOVES. IT. And he eats and eats and eats and eats when he cuts his own food. Hey, I wonder if it would work on veggies?

Thank you, Ikea, for making such usable cutlery. (And thank you, Grandma, for gifting us with it.)

One thought on “He cuts.

  1. Hey, that plate/knife/fork look awfully familiar…we have the same ones!

    Cutting is a big step. Can you try cooked carrots or steamed/sauteed zucchini? Those are so much fun to cut! 😉 I remember when Max first started insisting on cutting his own food and when we finally let him: I was kind of surprised that he could do it. (Ben, of course, we practically make him cut his own food–second child syndrome and all).

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