We prepared for a big storm. And as it rolled up the coast, I was pretty sure we were getting it. It was windy and rainy and the excitement was palpable as I watched all the news coverage and tracked the path online. I went to bed with a flashlight, fully expecting to be taking The Who into my bed when the power went out and he woke up to a dark room with no noise machine.

But, nothing happened. I slept. He slept. The small desk fan whirred by my bed all night with only a couple of minor interruptions, and in the morning, while it was still windy, it had pretty much stopped raining and we didn’t even see a tree down in our neighborhood. (I did, however, see lots of damage online via my northern friends’ photos; I don’t know if it’s a testament to our location under the storm’s path or the sturdiness of our trees’ roots.)

Anyway. That was it. Our cable was out for a few hours, but with iTunes on the laptop, we barely had a bump in our typical Sunday lazing-around-watching-Fireman-Sam routine. By midday, we spilled out the big pots of water we had filled in preparation and by 3, I started thinking about going out. (I didn’t because I knew there was damage in surrounding towns and because I developed a migraine. Didn’t seem worth it.)

The Who barely noticed The Big Storm because, frankly, in the mind of a 2-year-old, I’d guess that thunder and lightening rate far higher than lots of wind and rain. This probably seemed like small potatoes to him. So, business as usual here at the homestead. Tomorrow, it’s back to work for Mommy while The Who and I revel in the beautiful weather that always seems to come on the tail end of a storm.

We hope (although we are sure it’s sadly not the case) that all of our friends and family fared as well as we did.

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