Things I have learned during these days of 24/7 solo parenting (while m* is away for work):

  1. Parenting is way easier and more enjoyable when I have had enough sleep.
  2. Being hot and sweaty really compromises my ability to be patient.
  3. It’s harder for me to stay “hands-off” on the potty training when the above two things are going on.
  4. I actually don’t hate imaginative play; I just hate doing it when I need to run around in the house.
  5. I will need to work hard at continuing to interact, play, and be present when I don’t have to (like when he is an older kid on the playground, as opposed to now when I still can’t take my eyes off of him for a second.)
  6. Maintaining an early nap and bedtime is well worth the morning plans cut short.
  7. Deleting the Facebook app from my phone and changing email settings to not notify me every time one comes in has freed up a lot of time and has made me feel less resentful of The Who’s demand for my attwntion..
  8. I can’t wait for day care to start next week.


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