New Deal.

Operation “Leave the Kid the Eff Alone” is underway.

After several days of battles and frustration and the eventual realization that my control freakiness was getting in the way of everything, i took a good long look inward and decided to just let go of the reins. Enough with the “you must sit on the potty” so many times in a day. Even if I know he has to pee (which, c’mon, it’s hard to miss. He actually learned today that crossing your legs will hold the pee in longer), I am not forcing it. I told him in the morning, on the advice of a friend, that I would help him remember to sit and try, but that it would be his job to listen to his body and go pee when he had to.

So, cut to this morning. We’re standing at the stove together, cooking breakfast and he, on his step stool, is a wriggly, fidgety mess. “Do you have to pee?” I ask. “Nope,” he says. (When did he master the variations of no?) Fidget. Wriggle. Fidgetywriggle. “If you have to pee, remember, you can go right into the potty right there.” He looks toward the potty. Looks at me. “Turn the bacon, Mama,” he says, and then a second later, a panicked look down and then up at me. I whisk him off the step stool and into the bathroom, where he does the rest of his business, but not before soaking his jammies, socks, and the floor. Ah, well, I thought. Accident number one.

Y’know what, though? There hasn’t been another one and he actually even asked to go to the potty twice during lunch at Panera. (Nothing doing downstairs, but A+ for effort!) Then, when we got home, he willingly sat and peed before nap.

I suppose there’s something to be said for this toddler autonomy thing. I’ll keep you posted.

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