• While cooking grilled cheese with me: “When I grow up, I wanna be a Boy-Cooking-Grilled-Cheese Man.”
  • In his crib when M* went up to get a toy out of his crib: “I’m hot. Did you come up here to get all the hot out of me?”
  • While eating ice cream:
    The Who: Ice cream, YUM!
    Mama: Oh, hey, tomorrow is Flag Day!
    The Who: Flag Day-YUM!
  • Playing trains: “This train and this train and this train are sad about the track is nervous.”
  • While driving his ride-on truck from the living room to the kitchen and back: “Mama, I missed you. Did you miss me when I was putting my truck in the car wash? I’m going do the car wash one more time, then come back and love you.”
  • In the car at the end of a. 9-hr drive: “No, Mama. We are just going home. We don’t have to worry about whistling. When your boy tells you to whistle, you have to whistle. And when a grown-up tells me to don’t whistle, I don’t have to whistle.”
  • After being asked by M* if he wanted to say good morning to me: “Um, I don’t need to. I wanna say hi to Mama in another day.”
  • An exchange:
    Am I little?
    Ummm, yeah you’re little.
    Am I a big boy?
    Well, yes. You’re a bigger boy than when you were a baby.
    Why I’m not a baby anymore?
    Because you grew.
    Why I grew?
    Because you ate food and drank water and got lots of rest and that’s what bodies do when you eat and drink and sleep. They grow.
    And my nipples growed!
  • Across the house in the living room, singing. Stops singing and says (presumably to one of the cats): “No I sitting right here! I sitting here and you go over there. Your place is in the litter box!”
  • Eating breakfast, discussing how hungry we were: “I’m hungry for my Mommy to wake up.”
  • While I was kissing his cheek: “I don’t have time for that, Mama.”
  • And, finally:

    While walking into the house from the car with his toy phone up to his ear, "Hello? Grandma? Are you there, Grandma? Hello? Why Grandma's not talking to me?""


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